Meet Grgur Grisogono

Building, breaking, fixing, learning, sharing.

Grgur Grisogono
Photograph by Andrea Grisogono

Every amazing digital product I contributed to started as Mission Impossible. Now I help other JavaScript developers, architects and team leaders be the heroes. They deserve it!

Throughout my career I helped Global Fortune 500 companies, startups, and governments be the heroes to their users. People enjoy the experience of ordering their favorite food. They appreciate being able to buy designer clothes with just a few interactions. They drive cars in a safer and more enjoyable manner. They grow businesses faster. They capture more revenue by improving conversion rates.

I owe it to the communities that helped me grow into a strong leader. That's why I believe in giving back. Help me in the mission to educate, contribute, solve problems, and sponsor our favorite tech communities.

Recent YouTube Videos

My video content is all about the web stack, developer productivity, and teamwork. I try to solve real problems based on the actual solutions inspired from my work with some of the greatest companies on Earth.

What is it like to work with Grgur?

He always asks questions. Sometimes I just want to doze off, but Grgur keeps me on my toes. Bastard!

You can tell that Grgur enjoys leaving PR comments. I always learn something. Notice that he's not always right so be prepared to challenge him. It's fair that Grgur learns, too.

Grgur's hair is distractingly curly. Like velcro curly.

Is that a devleoper? Is that a scrum master? Is that a product owner? No, it's Grgur and he knows how to optimize each role.

When Grgur stops the conversation to tell me about how human brain deals with information, the Amygdala, the Neocortext and all that stuff - I just want to puke! It does give meaning to what we do, tho.

I call him Mr. Millisecond. Not just because I'm his wife, but also because he's always on the mission to improve web performance.